Research &


  • KwanMyung Kim

    I&ID Lab

    “Systematic approach to develop innovative products and produc-service system”

    Prof. KwanMyung Kim
  • James Andrew Self

    DPR Lab

    “Focused on understan-ding design and practice of designing”

    Prof. James Andrew Self
  • Chajoong Kim


    “Creating smart products and services that supports and contributes to a sustainable living for people”

    Prof. Chajoong Kim
  • Yunwoo Jeong

    Disegno T9

    “Technology is what we want to take 3 things bring us future life”

    Prof. Yunwoo Jeong
  • Young-Woo Park

    IPD Lab

    “Design and Realization of Future Interactive Product: IPD Lab”

    Prof. Young-Woo Park
  • Hui Sung Lee

    DECS Lab

    “Advanced social robot and smart mobility - Creating new HRI/HMI with integrated design and electronic skills”

    Prof. Hui Sung Lee
  • Collaborate project

    Fusion Space

    “Caravane and Camping Car project”

    Prof. Collaborate project
  • Youngshin Kwak

    Color Lab

    “It focuses on researches of how human eyes recognize colors”

    Prof. Youngshin Kwak
  • Gyouhyung Kyung


    “Taking into account physical, cognitive, and affective aspects”

    Prof. Gyouhyung Kyung
  • Gwanseob Shin

    Ergonomics Lab

    “Clinical Biomechanics; Industrial Ergonomics; and Ergonomic Product Design and Evaluation”

    Prof. Gwanseob Shin
  • Ian Oakley

    Interactions Lab

    ““Bring together design perspectives, computer science skills and psychological methods”

    Prof. Ian Oakley
  • Sung-Phil Kim

    BCI Lab

    “understand how neural signals code information and to develop a system”

    Prof. Sung-Phil Kim
  • Oh-Sang Kwon

    Perception & Action Lab

    “Studing how humans see the world and use the perceived information to control movements”

    Prof. Oh-Sang Kwon
  • Dooyoung Jung

    Healthcare Lab

    “Applying technology.such as web, mobile and virtual reality to advance healthcare systems”

    Prof. Dooyoung Jung…
  • Dongil Chung

    DNCE Lab

    “Neural and psychological foundations of valuation and decision-making”

    Prof. Dongil Chung